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CAE OneWorld 2021

Welcome to CAE OneWorld 2021 presentations and demonstrations.

You can now view on demand all CAE OneWorld 2021 demonstrations and presentations that were showcased during the event from February 9 until March 8, by clicking the Presentations and Demonstrations tab. 

CAE’s vision is to be recognized as the worldwide partner of choice by revolutionizing our customers’ training and critical operations with digitally immersive solutions. As a high technology company, we are at the leading edge of digital innovation, providing training and mission support solutions across multi-domain operations – air, land, maritime, space and cyber – as well as civil aviation and healthcare. Our mission is to help elevate safety, efficiency, and readiness so that our customers can achieve their best performance.

With the enduring COVID-19 pandemic impacting people and countries, we are facing a new reality in military training and preparedness. At CAE OneWorld 2021, we discussed and presented solutions to help address these challenges as well as demonstrate CAE’s advances in digital innovation.

We hope you enjoy all the presentations and demonstrations, and we look forward to seeing you at a next event.